Gemoil (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a trading company which specializes in international trade of petrochemicals and petrochemical equipment. Incorporated at Singapore in 2003. The company has set up long-term and extensive business relationships with renowned petrochemical companies. We mainly deal in the following commodities:

  • Oil products: crude oil, condensate, VGO,gasoline, gasoil, naphtha, base oil,.
  • Petrochemicals: methanol, benzene, styrene monomer, para-xylene, Olefin,etc.
  • Plastics: PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PC.
  • LPG: propane, butane.
  • Petrochemical equipment and spares.

In recent years, Gemoil mainly deals in crude oil, gasoil, VGO,diesel oil, naphtha, condensate, fuel oil, etc.

Gemoil has been present in the chemicals sector for some time and recent years have seen us intensify our activity.

Our business is focused on the following main products: methanol, benzene, styrene monomer, xylene, o-xylene, paraxylene, toluene, mixed aromatics, PTA, MEG, DEG, propylene,ethylene, butadiene, Butene-1,,hexene-1,petroleum coke, sulfur, MTBE, asphalt,BPA,propane,butane.
GEMOIL polymers division is a important department in GEMOIL that consentrate on polymers business other than crude oil / petrochemicals / investment .

Petrochemical Equipments
Since the beginning of 2007, Gemoil has built up a sales team composed of experienced professionals in Petrochemical equipment.

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